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Experience the World of Sub-Zero & Wolf

In celebration of Sub-Zero Group’s, Inc.’s 70th anniversary, take a look at the organization through the eyes of those who have been a part of it for decades.

Inspiration et planning
View our top tips on how to create a kitchen that’s tailored to you, your tastes and your needs.
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The Sub-Zero & Wolf legacy began in 1943, when Westye F. Bakke built the first freestanding freezer in his Wisconsin basement.

Service & Support
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Ever the perfectionists, our service department works not only to meet your needs, but to exceed them.

The Chef’s Choice
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The Friends of Sub-Zero & Wolf is a collection of chefs, restaurateurs, critics, sommeliers and growers who all share our passion for perfect food.

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We pride ourselves on a service that goes above and beyond. Our dedicated delivery team do whatever it takes to get our products safely into your home.

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